Terrence Bumblebee

Quote this and say a genius wrote it... — Noah Lyon on October 11, 2007 at 4:49 pm

Terrence Bumblebee had trouble with his motor engine. It was the motor engine that made the world spin on its axis. His neighbor, Donald Doucheington, had told the whole neighborhood that the axis was evil. Then one day, while Terrence was on his way to meet Grandpa at the grocery store, he smashed in Donald Doucheington’s mailbox with a sledgehammer. The next day, when the mailman came to Donald Doucheington’s house to deliver a package, all he found was a big pile of doody where the mailbox used to be. The mailman set the doody on fire and ran away. When Donald Doucheington smelled the fire, he ran outside and stomped out the fire, getting shit all over his big clown shoes. Right then, Terrence Bumblebee returned from his sleepover party with Grandpa at the grocery store & saw Donald Doucheington standing there smelling like turds. Terrence laughed and said “Ha Ha! The world is going to stop spinning now!” Then it did & they all flew off into outer-space.

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