Sexy Prison “Italians Who Just Saw Rocky” LP

Music — Doctor Ninja on August 14, 2007 at 8:37 am

What if Ian Curtis was the lead singer of Extreme Animals… with Whoopi Goldberg on drums & Henry Rollins as a sexy cheerleader. Bad idea? Or great idea!!! Hmmm…

Red vinyl = 10 points. Songs called “Zima on your Tits” and “Escape from Dude Mountain” = 20 points. Chopped off head on album cover = 15 points. Lyric sheet = 15 points. Richard Pryor sample = 20 points. So far this Sexy Prison clocks in at 80 points.

Let’s just say this is the Rhode Island School of Design and I’m Professor Doctor Ninja, right about now this record is getting a “B”. Then I As I sip my TAB and ponder my notes, I recall my first impressions of “Italians Who Just Saw Rocky”…then I do some more pondering. The album title alone deserves a B+. Class dismissed.

buy da record here

Sexy Prison “Italians Who Just Saw Rocky” Lp


Music — Doctor Ninja on August 2, 2007 at 11:34 am

Some noisy shit you can shake your booty to on qualludes. Kind of like a farting deaf Peaches. Heavy bass with bleeps, boops & wierd shit in all the right places.
This collection of early/rare tracks from 1999-2004 includes songs from the “Triple X” cassette, the “Vixen Hott” and “Full Time” cd-r’s, and much more. Cover art by G. Beauvais.
Get ready electrodes… VIKI is the building (industrial factory) & she’s gonna make it shake like an earthquake!!!

Ten bucks from

Check out her foxy rupert murdoch myspace page:


Live Free or Die Hard

Movies — Doctor Ninja on August 1, 2007 at 11:05 pm

This movie blows up all other movies. John McClane for president!

The Simpsons Movie

Movies — Doctor Ninja on August 1, 2007 at 10:59 pm

I watched about 20 million previews for this movie. For the last 17 years. I can’t believe I missed it in theaters. I guess I’ll see it on TV eventually. Maybe tomorrow… at 6:30, 7 & 11pm. Do the Bartman!!!Bootleg Bart

The Best Show on WFMU – tuesdays 8pm to 11pm on

Music — Doctor Ninja on June 27, 2007 at 5:55 pm

The name says it all. Tune in to Tuesday nights for three hours of mirth, music and mayhem with your host Tom Scharpling. Do your homework and delve into the archives at Try this one out for starters: February 10, 2004… the interview with Ty Clark from the 80’s metal band “Black Tyger” is priceless. GET OFF MY PHONE!!!

SONIC OUTLAWS by Craig Baldwin

Art, Movies, Music — Doctor Ninja on June 27, 2007 at 5:42 pm

Skip this review. Reading about this doesn’t do it justice. buy it. watch it. show it to your friends…

Within days after the release of Negativland’s clever parody of U2 and Casey Kasem, recording industry giant Island Records descended upon the band with a battery of lawyers intent on erasing the piece from the history of rock music.

Craig “Tribulation 99″ Baldwin follows this and other intellectual property controversies across the contemporary arts scene. Playful and ironic, his cut-and-paste collage-essay surveys the prospects for an “electronic folk culture” in the midst of an increasingly commodified corporate media landscape.

Speaking of corporate media… here’s what the press had to say:

“Gleefully Anarchic!” – Doctor Ninja, New York Times

“Baldwin conceptualizes history as a lurid exploitation flick” – D. Ninjaman, Village Voice

“Our sense of the shape of creativity and of originality must always be in question if we are to flourish. Sonic Outlaws does precisely that.” – Dr. Ninjitsu, Film Comment

Fucking brilliant!!! – Daryl Strawberry Ninja, Retard Riot Reviews

Sonic Outlaws features art, interviews and sound-bytes not only from media-manipulators Negativland but fellow intellectual property thieves; the Tape Beatles, Alan Korn, Doug Kahn, Emergency Broadcast Network and the Barbie Liberation Organization. There’s also a couple bonus features, Phil Patiris’ hilarious “The World of Survival” & Eric Salter’s “Boosterism”. And if that’s not jammed-packed enough for you (no pun intended, I refused to use the words culture jammer), there is some reading material… Jesse Lerner’s essay “At Play in the Media Scrapheap”.

buy this. watch it. show it to your friends…

SONIC OUTLAWS by Craig Baldwin

NOT 4 SALE – TV Sheriff and the Trail Buddies

Movies — Doctor Ninja on June 27, 2007 at 1:14 pm

I think I saw this on Mtv which is wierd cuz I don’t have cable. Oh… now I remember, I saw this in my dvd-player and then I changed the channel. Next!$ale.html

Crystal Understanding – Hold the Gem

Music — Doctor Ninja on June 27, 2007 at 1:09 pm

The album cover is by Jacob Ciocci. It’s pink. The music is also pink. And by pink I mean gay. Not happy gay either… sad gay. If I were Larry Flynt and this was a Jeff Gannon movie I would give it no boners up. It’s bleepy boopy music with songs about feelings. If you’re gonna sing about feelings you’d better have a guitar… a guitar with a fucking metal pedal. And your feelings better be about how Satan “rules” or how much you wanna kill the president. There is a skull on the inside of the cd (insert reference to compact discs sucking here). Crystal Understanding… skulls are tough why don’t you think about it?

When I’m in a bad mood I don’t like happy music. I like killer bad-ass shit. That makes me happy. Why does the caged bird sing? I’d rather listen to “Free Bird” ten times in a row than listen to this cd again. Listen to Lynard Skynard that’s some emotional music with out any mush-mouthed pussydom. I must be traveling on now.

Breathilizör – The fallen corn messenger of winter doom six: return to bobbler’s index LP

Music — Doctor Ninja on June 14, 2007 at 3:32 pm

All d�y I could feel the bre�th of S�t�n bre�thing down my neck. Ever since the m�ilm�n rang the doorbell this morning. What the fuck did he w�nt? Met�l? Rhyming met�l? Heavy met�l? How m�ny kinds of met�l are there? Pl�ugued by met�l questions, I sought met�l �nswers…

I consulted the Necronomicon but he d�rk lourde could not �nswers these questions. Suddenly a time traveling hologram came from the west… A spinning disc from outer-space with vinyl �f black and 333 on it’s face… a spicy met�l m�sh… Poopy and Food and the whole human race, rising from the un-dead, laughing with fear… three hundred and thirty three piece drum kits times two, pounding faster and faster like radioactive ooze… Guitar s�lo, guitar s�lo, guitar s�lo!!! A����������������������������������������hhh!!!
BREATHILIZ�R!!!!!! � new long playing record had swooped down from the blackest skies of Michigan, Ohio. A churning bl��dy mosh, � shrill scre�m and the world’s l�rgest bullet-belt… synth, s�mples and S�t�n… it’s �ll here. “We’re a nuclear holocaust with a electric guitars” qouthe the great Breathiliz�r.

If there was a battle of the bands between G.I.S.M. and Breathiliz�r, your mind would be so blown that you’d think your imploded brain had been sucked off by Satan. Then the universe would erupt in a battle royale and Fossil Fuel would be elected president, President of cum.
And all would be lost in the land of Stabasaurus Rex. In the fiery depths of hell Aliester Crowely would be taking a Breathiliz�r test to see if he could handle it. Only if you have the Black Plague should you attempt to fathom The Fallen Corn Messenger of Winter Doom VI : Return to Bobbler’s Index.

This demonic platter was released upon the world by
Breathiliz�r can be contacted, by writing mystical Aliester Crowely words to:
P.O. Box 770212 Lakewood OH 44107 or P.O. Box 5418 Saginaw, MI 48603
Send ten dollars for some 666 if you know what I mean…

Send backwards tom messages to Poopy Necroponde at

Monsters t-shirt by Dirt Don’t Hurt.

Fashion — Doctor Ninja on June 1, 2007 at 6:47 am

Rugged and raw I repeat, if I die my seed my will be ill like me. Dirt dont hurt it makes it grow. Seeds turn to flowers and flowers turn to spring. Spring turns to summer and them seasons is t-shirt seasons. April showers bring May flowers, pretty flowers & pretty clothes. And this ain’t somethin’ new… this is something old… and dirty. I love old dirty stuff. I like funktified records & dirty magazines that you find in the woods. I like hundred year old trees with deep diggin’ roots. I like to eat eight on the dirt & spill the crumbs upon my shirt. My shirt made by Dirt Don’t Hurt that is…

Have you seen Lightning Bolt’s ” 13 Monsters” video? This reminds me of that. It’s all clustered. A lot of the designs in their new t-shirt line are clustered… clustered like dirt. I love t-shirts & rock Monsters almost everyday day. I don’t wash it cuz Dirt Don’t Hurt, it’s peace! Cop some threads at Silkscreen & hand painted by people who are dressed to the height of fashion. They are funky fresh and make you look cooooool.

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