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Acme pork chops

This here’s a plate of porkchops (BBQ style) that was pretty darn good. There’s actually two pork chops on top of each other in this deceptive photgraph. I wasn’t super hungry and in my attempt to reduce the risk of heartattack I split this meal with someone. Including the cornbread it came with (which had already been wolfed down by the time this picture was taken) it was plenty of food to fill us both up. It was good. But I’ve had the meatloaf here and that is great. Upon exiting ACME I noticed the NY Times review of their meatloaf from 1998. Doctor Ninja the Food Critic is ten years too late, but ACME meatloaf is up to date. Take it from from here Marian Burros…Acme meat loaf

ACME Bar & Grill – 9 Great Jones Sreet, New York, NY

Tebaya – Japanese Style Chicken

Food — Doctor Ninja on August 16, 2007 at 1:54 pm

These chicken wings are so good you wanna take and rub them all over your face. This is fast food Japanese not to be confused with fast food American. American fast food is the equivalent of eating turds out of a trashcan. This stuff is what samurais grab to eat right before they slay a thousand ninjas.

Here is the delicious story of Teba, the super duper chicken wings from Nagoya, Japan. These wings are fried twice in soy oil, which removes unwanted fattiness but still keeps plenty of collagen, leaving them crispy on the outside & juicy on the inside. Now here’s part that’ll make you drop to your knees and lick the floor should one of these wings fly from your fingers… the sauce. The owner of Tebaya spends a day preparing a special garlic sauce & then tops the wings with black pepper and roasted sesame seeds
Teba chicken wings will have you licking your fingers to the bone…

They also have a nice selection of sandwiches, beverages and other cheap chicken delights. There are only a few chairs in Tebaya, so plan for take out or get delivery. Personally, I prefer to stay cozy and revel in the magic of frying Teba chicken wings.

Tebaya - Japanese Style Chicken

Grand Sichuan St. Marks Place

Food — Doctor Ninja on December 26, 2006 at 5:46 pm

It is a Jewish tradition to eat Chinese food on Christmas. So like a good Jewish boy I went to Grand Sichuan St. Marks to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I don’t judge a book by its cover, but I judge a Chinese place by its dumplings. Grand Sichuan serves the Cadillac of dumplings…the soup dumpling! No, this isnt dumpling soup we’re talking about, this is soup dumplings! I love dumpling soup, but soup dumplings have the soup INSIDE of the dumpling. They are awesome. Be careful not to bite right into one or you’ll get a face full of hot soup! Take the tongs & place a dumpling into a spoon. Then suck the soup out of the little hole in the top! I recommend the pork dumpling as opposed to the crab & pork; they just kind of smear a little crab paste on the top, which blocks up the hole. They cost more too.
Everything else they serve is as delicious as their dumplings. My favorites include the bak choi & the spicy dry chicken (which is filled with those dry red peppers that will kill you if you eat one. Well, not literally but they’re fuckin’ hot and you’re not supposed to eat them.)
I’ve eaten Chinese food basically since I was born. It’s great. It wasnt until about five years ago that I discovered Sichuan Chinese food. It takes Chinese to a whole ‘nother level. As opposed to American style Chinese food, it doesnt leave you with that deep fried, not so fresh feeling. It’s cooked hot and fast. And, mmm…Spicy! There’s another thing I really like about it. It’s a very communal dinning experience, with big circular tables & large bowls of food for all to eat from. They also have a menu called “Mao’s home cooking”. Sichuan. Do it! Do it!

Grand Sichuan. 19-23 St. Marks Pl. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.) Manhattan, NY 10003 212-529-4800 theres another Grand Sichuan at 229 9th Ave & 24th St. NYC 212-620-5200

The Grand Sichuan Restaurant

Food — Doctor Ninja on December 21, 2006 at 10:17 pm

Two words “Hot Pot”. That’s Chinese for “have fun friends with boiling food party”. Step one: Order Hot Pot. They bring out a hot plate & blaze it up under a giant bowl of delicious broth. You choose either spicy broth or regular. I recommend having both at the same time. They both come in the same bowl, but a magic barrier keeps them separate! While you wait for the broth to boil you order from a large menu of raw ingredients. So much to choose from! I like dumplings, fish balls, squid, spinach, baby bakchoi, pork, beef, tofu, sprouts, and the list goes on… When the pot is hot it starts boil. By that time your plates of raw meats & vegetables should be arriving. Oh, I almost forgot! Dipping sauce! Who doesnt love dipping sauce? There are a few to choose from, but my favorite is the fish sauce. Okay so things should be boiling by now. Time to start throwin’ stuff in! Stuff like fish balls & dumplings take a few minutes to cook, but the thinly sliced meats are done in seconds! That’s when you take your little net and catch that beef. Dip it and/or chill out for a second so as not to burn your mouth. Eat and…mmmmmmm…delicious! Repeat this process until you’ve cooked and eaten all of your food (this may take a while). Just when you thought the meal was over and you couldn’t eat another bite…there’s more. If you think this is really all about boiling a bunch of random food and stuffing your face, well then you’re missed out on the greatest experience of all, savoring the wonderful soup that you’ve unknowingly created with your comrades.

125 Canal Street #4, NYC phone: 212-625-9212
There is also a Hot Pot craze sweeping mainland China!


Food — Doctor Ninja on December 21, 2006 at 3:53 pm

Mmmmmmm… Jeollado! I love this place. Best sushi ever. You get a regular sushi dinner for half the price of what other restaurants charge. This ain’t no stinky half price skimpy sushi, this is melt in your mouth big ol’ slabs of sushi. It comes with a great seaweed salad and a delectable miso soup. They have an amazing selection of rolls, all of which are slammin’. On the Korean side I recommend the Bibimbob! Fun to say and delicious to eat… bibimbob! They open at 5pm and I’m usually the first one through the door. I’m always greeted by friendly faces and the service is great. You won’t have your plate snatched from you before your last bite. They let you take the time to savor the fact that you’ve just had the best meal of your life.


Jeollado 116 E 4th St (btw 1st and 2nd Ave.) East Village, NYC (212) 260-7696

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