Blatz / Filth – Shit Split, re-realease on Alternative Tentacles (double CD / LP)

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Filth / Blatz - Shit Split Lp

“Tonight we’re gonna fuk shit up… tonight we’re gonna fuk shit up … tonight we’re gonna fuk shit up – TONIGHT WE’RE GONNA FUK SHIT UP!!!!  …reeeaal good, motherfucker!” – Blatz 1991.

Parents, teachers and fascist cops, President fucking Bush the first, they think they’ve got it all under control huh? The powers that be have everything lined up for a perfect future, 1000 points of light. Tipper Gore shielding my virgin ears from all the shit and erasing all the fuck. No naughty words in music! That would warp my teenage mind. Then comes Blatz. Chaotic, naked, raw and beautiful. They loved to hate the same things I hated, they liked to get wasted and they didn’t give a shit who knew it. Melodic & maniacal male / female vocals, young, dumb and having fun. It’s punk & I love it. I loved it so much that I took it seriously. And you’d better too by the time you get to the Filth side of the shit-split or your head will explode. Punk is not a fucking joke its for real and Jake Filth spitting flaming gasoline lyrics will make you understand that…

“The list is thousands long
People who decided it wasn’t for them
Did they really make that decision?
Conditioning runs deep in the U.S.A.
Teenage rebellion is just fine as long as you stop once you turn eighteen
Thousands of punks turned to society’s tools
There is something in their eyes
You can tell they sold out
Remember punk is more than teenage rebellion
Sure it starts there. But why does it end?
And the list is thousands long
What other life is there besides a life of freedom?
Never give in
Never give up
When boredom sets in
Think of the young kids who we once were
That enthusiasm is still there
You look around
What do you see?
One to replace every five that leave
And the list is millions long
But, lately I see an upsurgency
Back to old values of dedication and fuking rebellion
Perhaps the list is only hundreds long.” – The List – Filth

Filth - Live the Chaos 7″

The Blatz / Filth – Shit Split has the Live the Chaos 7″, Blatz – Cheaper Than the Beer 7″ and all the other records both bands ever put out. Do your punk rock homework. Get it now.

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