MUDMUX vol.1 – Mudboy with Extreme Animals and Dark Dark Dark 7″

Art, Music — Doctor Ninja on May 18, 2008 at 8:12 am

I’m going to attempt to do a psychic review of this record (A psychic review is when Doctor Ninja the Cultural Critic uses his power of spoon-bending, mind reading, psychic surgery and extreme knowledge to capture the spirit activity of something he has never heard, seen or even knew existed before it magically appeared in the RRReviews mailbox – the editor). MUDBOY, master of mush mixing has made a musical mess of midi files. A former floppy disc the song… wait… a name is coming to me…something with a J. Is it Jesus? Do anyone know a Jesus? No… wait there’s something else… he’s a carpenter. Hmmm… that definitely sounds like Jesus. Hold on… I’m getting another J. I’ve smoked a second doobie and the name is John. Wait… I’ve got it… scary music composer John Carpenter !!! But wait… I’m feeling something more here… something crunk. I’m hearing a little crunk… little… little John. The Extreme Animals side of this MUDMUX record is a song tribute to Lil’ Jon Carpenter!

Okay I’m holding side 2 of the record up to my forehead. It’s blue. It’s covering my eyes completely, but my hearing sees through it. My hearing is a little muddy though. I’m hearing something dark. Very dark. Like dark, dark. Like dark, dark, dark. Side two is a Mudboy version of a song by Dark Dark Dark !!! Wait, there’s more… the record is pressed on clear blue vinyl !!! My extreme knowledge tells me there are only 550 of these records. and they are being sold for $5.50 (US) from DNT records. My psychic powers tell me they will be sold out soon and someday will cost $550.

And there we have it ladies and gentleman… a Doctor Ninja psychic review, that always reveals what’s true.


The cover is a unique silkscreen poster by artists R.Lyon & Kevin Hooyman.


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