Juiceboxxx / Dre Skull – Center Stage – Extreme Animals REMIXXX 7″

Music — Doctor Ninja on April 16, 2008 at 9:29 am

The kind of record I love… seven inches round, only 500 pressed, one sided clear vinyl with stamped white labels and a crazy sticker. Laser beams man… laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaser beams. Hmmm… this review is missing something, oh yeah, the music. Extreme Animals crush it as usual, crunk punk funk style. They punch up Dre Skull’s totally Technotronic track and jam crunk dust in all the cracks. More importantly they put Juiceboxxx’s vocals through juicer… peeling the awkward cadence, cutting the corn syrup rap and leaving plenty of pulp to get you pumped on the dancefloor… homestyle.

Center Stage


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