Food — Doctor Ninja on April 8, 2008 at 6:33 am

Acme pork chops

This here’s a plate of porkchops (BBQ style) that was pretty darn good. There’s actually two pork chops on top of each other in this deceptive photgraph. I wasn’t super hungry and in my attempt to reduce the risk of heartattack I split this meal with someone. Including the cornbread it came with (which had already been wolfed down by the time this picture was taken) it was plenty of food to fill us both up. It was good. But I’ve had the meatloaf here and that is great. Upon exiting ACME I noticed the NY Times review of their meatloaf from 1998. Doctor Ninja the Food Critic is ten years too late, but ACME meatloaf is up to date. Take it from from here Marian Burros…Acme meat loaf

ACME Bar & Grill – 9 Great Jones Sreet, New York, NY

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