Sexy Prison “Italians Who Just Saw Rocky” LP

Music — Doctor Ninja on August 14, 2007 at 8:37 am

What if Ian Curtis was the lead singer of Extreme Animals… with Whoopi Goldberg on drums & Henry Rollins as a sexy cheerleader. Bad idea? Or great idea!!! Hmmm…

Red vinyl = 10 points. Songs called “Zima on your Tits” and “Escape from Dude Mountain” = 20 points. Chopped off head on album cover = 15 points. Lyric sheet = 15 points. Richard Pryor sample = 20 points. So far this Sexy Prison clocks in at 80 points.

Let’s just say this is the Rhode Island School of Design and I’m Professor Doctor Ninja, right about now this record is getting a “B”. Then I As I sip my TAB and ponder my notes, I recall my first impressions of “Italians Who Just Saw Rocky”…then I do some more pondering. The album title alone deserves a B+. Class dismissed.

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Sexy Prison “Italians Who Just Saw Rocky” Lp

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