Breathilizör – The fallen corn messenger of winter doom six: return to bobbler’s index LP

Music — Doctor Ninja on June 14, 2007 at 3:32 pm

All d�y I could feel the bre�th of S�t�n bre�thing down my neck. Ever since the m�ilm�n rang the doorbell this morning. What the fuck did he w�nt? Met�l? Rhyming met�l? Heavy met�l? How m�ny kinds of met�l are there? Pl�ugued by met�l questions, I sought met�l �nswers…

I consulted the Necronomicon but he d�rk lourde could not �nswers these questions. Suddenly a time traveling hologram came from the west… A spinning disc from outer-space with vinyl �f black and 333 on it’s face… a spicy met�l m�sh… Poopy and Food and the whole human race, rising from the un-dead, laughing with fear… three hundred and thirty three piece drum kits times two, pounding faster and faster like radioactive ooze… Guitar s�lo, guitar s�lo, guitar s�lo!!! A����������������������������������������hhh!!!
BREATHILIZ�R!!!!!! � new long playing record had swooped down from the blackest skies of Michigan, Ohio. A churning bl��dy mosh, � shrill scre�m and the world’s l�rgest bullet-belt… synth, s�mples and S�t�n… it’s �ll here. “We’re a nuclear holocaust with a electric guitars” qouthe the great Breathiliz�r.

If there was a battle of the bands between G.I.S.M. and Breathiliz�r, your mind would be so blown that you’d think your imploded brain had been sucked off by Satan. Then the universe would erupt in a battle royale and Fossil Fuel would be elected president, President of cum.
And all would be lost in the land of Stabasaurus Rex. In the fiery depths of hell Aliester Crowely would be taking a Breathiliz�r test to see if he could handle it. Only if you have the Black Plague should you attempt to fathom The Fallen Corn Messenger of Winter Doom VI : Return to Bobbler’s Index.

This demonic platter was released upon the world by
Breathiliz�r can be contacted, by writing mystical Aliester Crowely words to:
P.O. Box 770212 Lakewood OH 44107 or P.O. Box 5418 Saginaw, MI 48603
Send ten dollars for some 666 if you know what I mean…

Send backwards tom messages to Poopy Necroponde at

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