Monsters t-shirt by Dirt Don’t Hurt.

Fashion — Doctor Ninja on June 1, 2007 at 6:47 am

Rugged and raw I repeat, if I die my seed my will be ill like me. Dirt dont hurt it makes it grow. Seeds turn to flowers and flowers turn to spring. Spring turns to summer and them seasons is t-shirt seasons. April showers bring May flowers, pretty flowers & pretty clothes. And this ain’t somethin’ new… this is something old… and dirty. I love old dirty stuff. I like funktified records & dirty magazines that you find in the woods. I like hundred year old trees with deep diggin’ roots. I like to eat eight on the dirt & spill the crumbs upon my shirt. My shirt made by Dirt Don’t Hurt that is…

Have you seen Lightning Bolt’s ” 13 Monsters” video? This reminds me of that. It’s all clustered. A lot of the designs in their new t-shirt line are clustered… clustered like dirt. I love t-shirts & rock Monsters almost everyday day. I don’t wash it cuz Dirt Don’t Hurt, it’s peace! Cop some threads at Silkscreen & hand painted by people who are dressed to the height of fashion. They are funky fresh and make you look cooooool.

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