Girl Talk – Night Ripper

Music — Doctor Ninja on May 10, 2007 at 8:56 am

Night Ripper is what the party in my mind sounds like. Mash-ups-mashed up… a radio-made-brain gone wrong. Most pop songs can be summed up in a few seconds, why listen to them any longer than that? MTV gave us ADD. I don’t click; I made a television network that shows shuffled programs in 5-second segments. It was all a dream… I used to read Word Up magazine. Get crunk, get drunk, get fuuuuuucked up! Rappers get more airtime because they have something to say. I be on it all night, I be on it all day, I be on that Kryptonite, I be on that Kryptonite. Bump Bump Toot-toot! Hold me closer Tiny Dancer… hmmm… text isn’t much fun to listen to, but Girl Talk is!!!

Unlike his first album Night Ripper is glitch free. There is no noise to be found here. It’s a fucking party record! Since I don’t have time to go to parties because I’m locked in a little box with a typewriter strapped to my forehead (this is how serious critics do their best thinking) I love getting stuff like this. Best mix-tape ever.

Smash your head!!!

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