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U.F.O.’s are painted all over New York City. Writers send mysterious U.F.O. packages to people. Call and response. I asked Jeeves if he believed in UFO’s. Jeeves had no answer but Ben Weasel had this to say:

“I believe in UFO’s
Baldheaded men with goldfish bowls
Tied securely round their waists
Observing us from outer space
I believe in UFO’s (x4)
Men from space invade my dreams
Simply confirming my beliefs
The government will not admit
Another race of man exists
CI believe in UFO’s (x4)
Twinkle twinkle UFO
There are those of us who know
You’re up above up in the sky
Watching our planet slowly die”

I like graffiti. I like books. UFO’s are weird. This book is weird. I like weird.


Girl Talk – Night Ripper

Music — Doctor Ninja on May 10, 2007 at 8:56 am

Night Ripper is what the party in my mind sounds like. Mash-ups-mashed up… a radio-made-brain gone wrong. Most pop songs can be summed up in a few seconds, why listen to them any longer than that? MTV gave us ADD. I don’t click; I made a television network that shows shuffled programs in 5-second segments. It was all a dream… I used to read Word Up magazine. Get crunk, get drunk, get fuuuuuucked up! Rappers get more airtime because they have something to say. I be on it all night, I be on it all day, I be on that Kryptonite, I be on that Kryptonite. Bump Bump Toot-toot! Hold me closer Tiny Dancer… hmmm… text isn’t much fun to listen to, but Girl Talk is!!!

Unlike his first album Night Ripper is glitch free. There is no noise to be found here. It’s a fucking party record! Since I don’t have time to go to parties because I’m locked in a little box with a typewriter strapped to my forehead (this is how serious critics do their best thinking) I love getting stuff like this. Best mix-tape ever.

Smash your head!!!


Negativland – No Business

Art, Books, Movies, Music — Doctor Ninja on May 7, 2007 at 12:02 pm

This is a really nice package. There are 8 tracks of audio, one video tack & a fifty-page book packed into a well-designed black and yellow rectangle thats over twice the size of your average cd. If all the copyright law debate and intellectual property discussion is too much to wrap your brain around all at once they also include a whoopee cushion for comic relief. The audio tracks are made entirely of recycled sounds, from show tunes to old movies cut-ups, as theyre known in the biz. For Negativland fans this is nothing neweven underwhelming, if you know how much of a densely packed audio punch Negativland can deliver. This is sort of a Negativland for Dummies (which explains the black and yellow packaging), so you wont find the obscure home recordings, found sounds & original noises that are usually mixed with the hacked up pop tunes. Its still a fun listen the perfect present for your parents or anyone who doesnt understand fair use & thinks the creation of art from found materials is a criminal activity. There is a not so hidden treat for the old school fans, but it does require putting the cd into a computer. The Gimme the Mermaid video collaboration with Tim Mahoney is a nice jab at their old record label & courtroom nemesis, SST records. A combination of Disneys the Little Mermaid and a youd better get a lawyer, cuz I own you & Im gonna sue your ass phone-call, topped off with mockery of the Black Flag classic Gimme Gimme Gimme its the kind of anti-corporate absurdist hilarity weve come to expect from Negativland.

Editors note: Tim Maloney is a former Disney animator & the Gimme the Mermaid video was created on Disneys own computers while the corporate monsters werent looking!


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