The Prison Diary of Ho Chi Minh

Books — Doctor Ninja on April 13, 2007 at 12:37 am

Doctor Ninja don’t review no commie poems!
He reads them on the underground metal dragon,
With the uplifting downtrodden,
People of New York City!

The prison diary of Ho Chi Minh was written between August 28, 1942, and September 16, 1943, when Nguyen That Thanh – alias Ngyugen Ai Quoc, alias Ho Chi Minh – was a prisoner of Chiang Kai-shek’s police in several of South China’s jails. It is not a “diary” in the Western sense, for it consists of 115 verse-quatrains and Tang poems in the classical Chinese style.

“In such men as Ho Chi Minh, the intelligence and sensibility are one. There is nothing secret in his public and private life. To him the sight of sight of suffering is a call for both action and to poetical expression.� from the Preface by Phan Nhuan

I found this lovely little paperback amongst pornography & old magazines at one of NYC’s finest street vendors. Find your way to this book or save your strength & let it find you!

Ho Chi Min

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