Shawn Greenlee – NYSA

Music — Doctor Ninja on January 17, 2007 at 11:34 pm

I saw Shawn perform as Pleasurehorse a while back and thought he was awesome. Hoppin’ & boppin’ all over a mess of drum-machines, samplers, effects peddles, I don’t even know what was in that electrical pile to tell the truth. But he was holding a flash light in his teeth and goin’ nuts playin’ beeps, bloops & beats, noisy shit you could bop your head to. This cd however has none of that. It’s like the sound his electronic set up might make with out him pounding on it. Something like trying to tune your radio to an outer space station that you can’t find. That’s the thing with Noise; I either love it or hate it. I fast forwarded through the whole cd looking for some sounds other than bzzzzzzzz or eeeeeee. There was no crunk to be found. Then I tap danced all over it like that dude from Showtime at the Apollo. I can dig records that are pure Noise but the compact digital format really strips the soul from it. I just read Shawn’s description of this, which is “noise beneath noise”, so this intentionally stripped down. I live in a constant barrage of noise (sometimes referred to as New York City) that probably drowned out any nuances I might have heard on this cd.

Shawn Greenlee

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