SABAC – Sabacolypse: A Change Gon’ Come

Music — Doctor Ninja on January 17, 2007 at 1:52 pm

“In a time when we as people often overlook what is crucial in regards to our survival as a Global community, I found it critical to create a piece of work that would provoke thought and dialogue. I have an undying love for hip hop as a culture and an art form and have used it as a tool to open people�s minds and a way to voice some of my opinions.

All you have to do is watch the news, read the papers, look outside your window or listen to what is going on around you and you will see how much work needs to be done to heal this fucked up world we live in. War, drugs, poverty, crime, disease, divorce, abuse and depression are just some of what we are faced with everyday. How can we overcome these obstacles when we are so concerned with how we pay our rent, and feed our families?

I challenge myself and to take of yourself. In order to create positive change in this world you have to be okay. If you are okay that is less work someone else has to do. Identify what your issues are and do something about it. This is the way we begin to rise up.

I thank you for the purchase of this album and hop you will encourage someone else to do the same. This is how I eat. I will continue to be my voice and the voice of the people, all people! Fuck racism and those who think being racist will ever change anything. There are those who are oppressed and there are those who oppress. We as a people of all races, creeds, religions, genders and colors when united will create a real revolution and put an end to oppression!” – Sabac Red’s artist statement (inside the cover of his album).

Wow. I think all rappers should put artist statements on their albums. Like “I believe violence, misogyny, selling drugs and conspicuous consumption are the key the to the future of our hip-hop nation!” I’m putting that one out there for all you major label players & industry rappers in the game. Use it free of charge. Imagine if the “Let’s Get Free” album by Dead Prez was produced by NECRO. That’s what this sounds like. Go cop it and use it as a blueprint for the next hip-hop record you record. Gangsta shit is dead. G-Unit & the Bush administration have taken it to the limit and driven it into the ground. Let’s take it back to the days of P.E. and B.D.P., the 20-year cycle is here. It’s time to start building in the year Cipher God!

SABAC - Sabacolypse: A Change Gon’ Come

Psycho-Logical Records

Sabac Red

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