Music — Doctor Ninja on January 14, 2007 at 6:31 pm

This has an awesome cover. It’s a throwback of a 70’s exploitation movie poster. There’s a drawing of guy in a leather bondage mask with a microphone cord in his hands strangling a victim so hard that one of his eyeballs has popped completely out of his head. I don’t why, but the popped out / hanging eyeball has always been one of my favorite images. Ever since I was kid. Maybe it’s because I’m blind in one eye. Hmmm… better get back to NECRO, NECRO wouldn’t like reading a NECRO review that wasn’t about NECRO. This album is produced by NECRO and features NECRO on 14 of the 17 tracks. On the back cover it says, “Pick up NECRO’s brand new porno movie “Sexy Sluts” In stores now!” Oh shit, there’s more on the front cover I wanted to tell you about, the drawing of a dude with an afro and a smiley face button on his vest bashing in someone’s head with a boom-box… awesome. BONE CRUSHING, TERROR, SPINE-TINGLING, CHILLS! NECRO presents BRUTALITY PART 1 featuring NECRO, ILL BILL, GORETEX, MR. HYDE in BLOOD-CURDLING COLOR SOUND says the cover. That pretty much says it all. Oh yeah, NECRO is an ill rapper and one of the best producers in the game. I have yet to see his porno directing skills.


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