The Drips by Taylor McKimens

Art, Books, zines — Doctor Ninja on December 29, 2006 at 1:59 pm

I really like this book, but I was having some trouble reviewing this until I had a talk with my good friend Alan Watts. Then it all became clear. The Drips is a good look into the conflict of the wiggly world versus the prickly world. Man, with lots of numbers, facts and straight lines, constructs the prickly world. Architects are prickle people. Lawyers are prickly people. Politicians are prickly people but they do a lot of wiggling to capture the hearts and the minds of the gooey people. Artists tend to be wiggly types with their romantic ideals, non-linear thinking and gooey globs of paint. When it comes down to it, life is really about gooey prickles and prickly goo. Life is about the sea’s wiggly waves splashing against straight shores. It’s about the rays of the sun bouncing off the hard concrete in a heat wave.

The Drips consists mostly of portraits of people melting in an atmosphere of straight lines. Taylor has told me he wants to live in the desert. The only prickle things there are the cacti. And the cacti are only prickly to protect their gooey insides. People are like this too. We are all just fleshy blobs with big brains that make think we can rule the world. When in fact, we are all just melting under the sun. As prickle people poke holes in the ozone we all melt. The mighty rays of the sun melt the poles of the ends of the earth. Then the ice drips, the rain drips, the mud drips and our skin drips.

My favorite drawing in this book is of a cassette melting out of a dilapidated car stereo. The molten hamburger is awesome too. Taylor’s book leaves us asking the question “Who left the cake out in the rain?” or better yet “Who left your face out in the rain?”

The Drips by Taylor McKimens

2006, hand-made, two-color zerox plus inkjet. About 50 of these were made, and dropped off at locations like Jim Hanley’s Universe on 33rd St. in NYC, Rocketship Comics in Brooklyn, and Trance Pop in Kyoto, Japan. No copies currently available, not sure when or if more will be made, but look here for updates… The Drips comic book is available from

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