Grand Sichuan St. Marks Place

Food — Doctor Ninja on December 26, 2006 at 5:46 pm

It is a Jewish tradition to eat Chinese food on Christmas. So like a good Jewish boy I went to Grand Sichuan St. Marks to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I don’t judge a book by its cover, but I judge a Chinese place by its dumplings. Grand Sichuan serves the Cadillac of dumplings…the soup dumpling! No, this isnt dumpling soup we’re talking about, this is soup dumplings! I love dumpling soup, but soup dumplings have the soup INSIDE of the dumpling. They are awesome. Be careful not to bite right into one or you’ll get a face full of hot soup! Take the tongs & place a dumpling into a spoon. Then suck the soup out of the little hole in the top! I recommend the pork dumpling as opposed to the crab & pork; they just kind of smear a little crab paste on the top, which blocks up the hole. They cost more too.
Everything else they serve is as delicious as their dumplings. My favorites include the bak choi & the spicy dry chicken (which is filled with those dry red peppers that will kill you if you eat one. Well, not literally but they’re fuckin’ hot and you’re not supposed to eat them.)
I’ve eaten Chinese food basically since I was born. It’s great. It wasnt until about five years ago that I discovered Sichuan Chinese food. It takes Chinese to a whole ‘nother level. As opposed to American style Chinese food, it doesnt leave you with that deep fried, not so fresh feeling. It’s cooked hot and fast. And, mmm…Spicy! There’s another thing I really like about it. It’s a very communal dinning experience, with big circular tables & large bowls of food for all to eat from. They also have a menu called “Mao’s home cooking”. Sichuan. Do it! Do it!

Grand Sichuan. 19-23 St. Marks Pl. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.) Manhattan, NY 10003 212-529-4800 theres another Grand Sichuan at 229 9th Ave & 24th St. NYC 212-620-5200

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