Art is a Smile that Gives You a Hug by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Art, Books, zines — Doctor Ninja on December 26, 2006 at 7:56 pm

Andrew Jeffrey Wright makes the most over-produced zines on the planet. I’m not talking about glossy pages & slick graphic design. I’m talking about silk-screened pages, LOTS of silk-screened pages, full color zeroxes, hand cut stickers, glued in drawings, fold out posters and guest artist homework assignments (I’m a proud contributor to a few of these “sharpie & white only” portrait drawing projects). I guess Andrew is kind of “the king of zines” due to the work he puts into his books. Anyway, Andrew has a crazy sense of humor so this is filled with funny comics & photos. The centerfold has a drawing that’s a total copy of the cover of Retard Riot #12 (which I gave him while he was working on Art is a Smile) very flattering…

Art is a Smile that Gives You a Hug is a catalog for a show he did at Giant Robot over a year ago and it’s a limited edition of 200, so good luck finding a copy. Rumor has it that he’s working on one for the 2006 BUTTON BATTLE show, so maybe you can cop one of those. It’s funny that he calls them “show catalogs”, cuz he usually finishes them long after the show is over. What-ever.

Find AJW in Philadelphia at

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