Vomit Style by Sergio Palacios

Art, Books, zines — Doctor Ninja on December 23, 2006 at 5:58 am

Before this zine reached my hands it was smuggled across the Mexican border inside the stomach of the infamous El Coyote. The cover boldly states “#1″. I hope this means it’s the beginning of a series of books by Mr. Palacios. This issue (or top rated book as it may be) is a story written in paintings, vomit style. They don’t smell like vomit or even look like vomit for that matter. They are portraits of menacing creatures with sadness in there eyes. Like beasts that are actually more afraid of you than you are of them. Two pyramids look towards an oil-blackened sky. Under blood-spattered skies, a lone bicycle hurdles through the air while an ominous tank sits in the background. Googley eyed civilians wonder why oil is dripping from the sky. There’s a shy gorilla. There’s a wooly mammoth bewildered by a human fly. Big Foot hides in his own shadow. Our world has turned to vomit and only the extinct know it. Sergio leaves us with these final words: THIS MEANS WAR!
Painterly Palacios, a student of great American painter Peter Saul, combines harsh brushstrokes with intense washes with killer results. I was once at a museum and over heard an elderly lady comment, “His use of color is quite beautiful”. Mmmm…Quite.

5.5×11″ 12 pages full color 2006
If you can track him down, maybe you can get one of these gems from mrelcoyote@hotmail.com

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