Smif-N-Wessun – Da Shinin’

Music — Doctor Ninja on December 22, 2006 at 3:19 am

Timz and hood chek. Aight time to write. Why am I reviewing a record that came out 12 years ago? Hip-hop has changed a lot since ‘95, so this review is for da likkle youth man dem. From dusk to dawn this album defines the meaning of “keeping it real”. Tek & Steele’s hardcore storytellin’ and the Beatminerz rugged, yet smooth production make Da Shinin’ a flawless record. Mind-blowing bass lines, bangin’ drums and spooky samples that’ll have your stereo smokin’. Boot Camp Clik! It smells like Bob Marley in here…

Peep some wise words from Steele on the classic anthem Bucktown:

Enter the cipher… withcha lighter
El’s are ready, prepare for another all nighter
But keep watch for the cops cuz they rock glocks
Comin’ on the block tryin’ to rock knots
Pigs be actin’ like they bigga than us niggaz from da streets
Cuz we stalk mad deep and them walk beats
I guess they hold a grudge cuz i won’t budge
Playin’ tough, starin’ down da judge with my hand’s cuffed
Standing there with my nappy hair and my dirty gear, awww yeah
Now i’m up outta here
Pigs look me up and down with a frown
Is it cuz i’m brown or is it cuz i’m from Bucktown?

Check a verse with Tek on the same track:

Another murderer, just another prankster
Rude boy dead ’cause he thought he was a gangsta
Tried ta live da life of a hood from the streets
Test da wrong dread, now he�s in eternal sleep
Mr. ripper I lurk in da stuy
Twist up da ganja when I wanna get high
With my breaddren, a boodah session
Learn ya lesson
Or get blasted by Mr. Smif or Mr. Wessun

This album put Boot Camp on the map with support from Buckshot (Black Moon), Heltah Skeltah and O.G.C. (Originoo Gunn Clappaz). Straight from the underground. With thunder sound. Number one question: Yo, how can I be down? Well, the answer is buy this record and listen to it everyday for the next twelve years. And that boys and girls is your first lesson in keeping it real.

Smif N Wessun Da Shinin

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