Krazy & Ignatz by George Herriman – �Love letters in Ancient Brick� Continuing the Complete Full-Page Comic Strips 1927-1928

Art, Books — Doctor Ninja on December 22, 2006 at 2:44 pm

This is a comic that spanned four decades (1916-1944) and every single strip is about a mouse that throws a brick at a cat’s head. The police are always after Ignatz Mouse! He gets incarcerated. He escapes. He throws bricks at Offisa Pup! Here’s the twist… Krazy Kat loves the fact that Ignatz throws bricks at her head. She sees it as a passionate act of affection. She’s sad when the projectile misses her dome-piece. Ignatz tolerates Krazy’s infatuation with him, but I think the mouse’s true passion is throwing bricks. There’s another twist… the brick throwing is not the real reason for Offisa Pup’s crusade to lock up Ignatz. He is secretly in love with Krazy! I refer to Krazy Kat as “she” but Herriman always maintained that Krazy was genderless!

Here’s what I’ve learned from reading Krazy Kat. The law is laughable, throwing bricks is fun and true love triumphs in the end. Life, laughter, love, and anarchy…Herriman is one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century!

This book is just one in series of beautifully designed books that kovers the entire Krazy Kat katalog. 120-page softcover $14.95 available from

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