The Grand Sichuan Restaurant

Food — Doctor Ninja on December 21, 2006 at 10:17 pm

Two words “Hot Pot”. That’s Chinese for “have fun friends with boiling food party”. Step one: Order Hot Pot. They bring out a hot plate & blaze it up under a giant bowl of delicious broth. You choose either spicy broth or regular. I recommend having both at the same time. They both come in the same bowl, but a magic barrier keeps them separate! While you wait for the broth to boil you order from a large menu of raw ingredients. So much to choose from! I like dumplings, fish balls, squid, spinach, baby bakchoi, pork, beef, tofu, sprouts, and the list goes on… When the pot is hot it starts boil. By that time your plates of raw meats & vegetables should be arriving. Oh, I almost forgot! Dipping sauce! Who doesnt love dipping sauce? There are a few to choose from, but my favorite is the fish sauce. Okay so things should be boiling by now. Time to start throwin’ stuff in! Stuff like fish balls & dumplings take a few minutes to cook, but the thinly sliced meats are done in seconds! That’s when you take your little net and catch that beef. Dip it and/or chill out for a second so as not to burn your mouth. Eat and…mmmmmmm…delicious! Repeat this process until you’ve cooked and eaten all of your food (this may take a while). Just when you thought the meal was over and you couldn’t eat another bite…there’s more. If you think this is really all about boiling a bunch of random food and stuffing your face, well then you’re missed out on the greatest experience of all, savoring the wonderful soup that you’ve unknowingly created with your comrades.

125 Canal Street #4, NYC phone: 212-625-9212
There is also a Hot Pot craze sweeping mainland China!

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